Everyday’s a (Home) School Day…

Never have I consumed so much information about the industry that I have worked in for over 25 years. Never have I had the time to consume so much, never have I had the need to consume so much. The time afforded to me and I think something about the isolation that I feel through this time has made me search out opinion, thought, knowledge, education, fundamentally connection, with others in my industry. Its likely that our industry is suffering and will continue to suffer a catastrophic episode. One which will make us question everything that we thought we knew. Cheaper, better; more choice, more diverse, more often; online, offline and any other line that may be as yet undiscovered. All this now seems to be set on shifting sands.

Hence my thirst for knowledge. And there is plenty out there. My day is full of Webinars, Zoom discussions, podcast listening, lives. And its all free. Theres a wealth of content to help us ready ourselves for whats next. So far Ive found great opinion and lives with really interesting people on https://www.businessoffashion.com. They have a great month free membership offer currently. Their Coronavirus special update report https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/editors-letter/responsible-fashion-business-special-edition-sustainability?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social is a long but valuable read.

Ive been gathering exceptional trend and forecast intelligence from https://uniquestyleplatform.com. In the last two weeks Ive attended a webinar on an update to AW20/21 trends and colour and a look forward to SS 21 colour in conjunction with ESP Trendlab in New York. USP also hosted a webinar on ‘The New Normal’ which led to a really healthy chat on whats next!

The ‘Big Four’ are also putting out plenty of free content on the underlying numbers and consumer trends that are happening now which help to give us an insight into the depth of problem we are facing. Linkedin was the source for this through a Zoom chat with Harveen Gill at https://www.hga-group.com. Her discussion with Erica Vilkauls on ‘The New Dawn’ offered some excellent advice on constructive use of furlough/redundancy.

So just a few suggestions on whats out there. I hope it helps to keep your glass half full!

Claire x

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